About Us

Anakem Laboratories is a medium-sized family organization situated in Kolkata, offering arrangements in the field of medical care. For more than 58 years we have effectively evolved, made and dispersed quality products, while at the same time offering solid administrations. From our Headquarter, we direct the exercises of our areas both inside West Bengal and Other States.

Our considerations and activities are centered around remedial accomplishment to improve the patient’s personal satisfaction, just as offering the most ideal working conditions for clients in hospitals, practices care facilities.


We reliably foster our administrations as a team with driving medical professionals and accomplices, may it be for the therapy of patients in hospitals, restoration offices or in outpatient care. In this we can offer flexible, individual solution for this relevant context.


At Anakem, we constantly work towards ensuring access to high quality and affordable medicines to support patients in need. Which is why, we have been trusted by health care professionals and patients across geographies for the last 58 years (21st November, 1963).


Anakem Laboratories, as an association has been constructed step by step on the establishment of care. Really focusing On Life has consistently been and keeps on excess, our directing reason. Driven by a similar reason, we have stretched out our essence to giving more than 42 products across different helpful classifications. To make medical care more affordable, we are developing our essence in the vital business sectors of India.

For over 5.8 decades, having an effect to patients has enlivened each part of Anakem’s work. A capable corporate resident, Anakem’s helpful way to deal with medical services in quest for its motivation of Caring forever.


Offering arrangements and products that are unquestionably successful – that is our vision. our standard, regardless of whether in essential dynamic inside the supervisory crews or in the every day usable work of every one of our representatives. Our vision consistently pushes us to create and offer great arrangements and products which can be demonstrated to be successful and proficient in their application.


Lucidity, trust, faithfulness, pride and regard – these are our values. They have went with us since our start and will continue to do as such later on. They are the constants which shape our work and our conduct.


In the entirety of our considerations and activities we are focused on objectives and results, and accept accountability for the errands and undertakings that we take on.

By effectively tuning in, we ensure that we have been seen accurately.

We stay away from the sentence “However I comprehended it’s anything but an alternate way” and if all else fails, we set up clarity by inquiring.

We are essential for a culture in which asking isn’t seen as being irritating or dumb.


Get it right the first time.


Keep up effectiveness and control in all cycles and frameworks and satisfy the guarantees made to customers and partners.


We are responsive to new things – regardless of whether this is people or ideas.

We are persuaded that functioning connections dependent on trust, can develop. Completely created trust doesn’t nullify our expert standards of the game, as far as reporting channels, QM, measures, risk management, etc.

We are essential for a culture that advances receptiveness, straightforwardness and business.


We do everything in the interest of the organization, except if a specific activity conflicts with our own values, rules or by and large recognized standards.

We are socially dependable and don’t see loyalty as a one-way street.


Try to carry new items to the market and reliably convey worth to customers and partners.


Carry out groundbreaking thoughts and innovations to address neglected issues and consider ahead occasions.


We are proud of the company’s achievements and of being part of a team that creates useful products with many benefits. We want a positive and motivating environment.


We deal with each other in a respectful manner. We promote diversity of opinion, yet accept decisions and back them.


Our mission is to consistently improve the personal satisfaction and the nature of work for every one of our customers and patients with our work and our answers. Security and accomplishment of treatments are forever our core interest.

As far as we might be concerned, similarly with respect to each and every other business, efficient achievement is the essential establishment for satisfying our mission. This we can just accomplish along with individuals we work for and with. Therefore they are at the focal point of our reasoning and doing.

We are pleased that since Anakem’s foundation in 1963, 21st November, medical services suppliers along with patients and parental figures have been utilizing our available conventional and creative products. Today, our arrangement of around 42 products is among the biggest of any drug organization in the world.

We put resources into innovative work of medicines and biopharmaceuticals, carrying on the tradition of 58 years of discovering better approaches to assist patients with improving their lives. This characterizes our qualities as an organization and portrays how we work together and approach medicine.